Ore-controlling station RKS-KM

Ore-controlling station RKS-KM

Ore-controlling station RKS - KM is designed to monitor the quality of the ore in real-time (quantitative determination of chemical elements in the ore) in a continuous process cycle, on a conveyor belt.

Ore-controlling station RKS - KM is designed to monitor the quality of the ore in real-time (quantitative determination of chemical elements in the ore) in a continuous process cycle, on a conveyor belt.

The key to the effective operation of any mining company is matching to be processed ore , given condition (mainly on the content of useful components and harmful impurities). Classic ore quality control technology , including selection, training , and chemical analysis of samples , are labor-intensive and time-consuming . Meanwhile , the depletion of the mineral resource base and a steady decline in the profitability of the mining industry , now require a significant increase in the efficiency of control and accounting of ore raw materials , and as a result, accelerate the reaction to changes in the quality of crude ore and management decisions . PKS- KM allows you to control the flow of ore in real time .

The basis of X-ray radiometric method laid RCC for determination of the chemical composition of the material elements . As a source of primary X-rays used X-ray tube type of properly . Register fluorescence from chemical elements carried semiconductor Si-pin detector. Spectral composition and quantity of the registered radiation detector elements in the registered area of the spectrum, using analytical formulas are calculated mass fractions of percentages of the elemental composition of a controlled substance ( ore ) .

For the first time this modification station introduced ultrasonic transducer which measures the distance to the analyzed surface with an accuracy of 1 mm. This allowed to consider the effect of distance to the scanned surface and obtain the calculated volume average content of the ore components monitored for various time intervals ( 30c , 10-minute , hour, shift, day, month ) , eventually enhance the accuracy of measurement stations . PKS- KM stores the results of measurements in a database remote control RCC . If necessary , the station can save data to an external device , such as a server on the Internet. PKS- KM has a friendly operator interface. The monitor control panel graphically displays the following information about the work of the pipeline: load level on the tape movement stops and the averaged values ​​of the contents of mass fractions , controlled chemical substance elements , for a minimum period of time ( 30s ) . The monitor displays additionally averaged values ​​of mass fraction of the volume elements for every ten minutes . The utility program PKS- KM operator is possible to conduct a retrospective view previous readings station. In automatic mode provides diagnostic work station with the display on the monitor state of the main devices.

If necessary, the station RKS-KM comes from a protective device of oversized ZUN-1, for installation in pipelines, where there are over-sized pieces of ore.

 In their impact on the environment PKC is an environmentally safe product.

Specifications RCC-CM

Parameter name



Number of simultaneously controllable elements

to 5, depending on the type of ore


The range of detected elements with an atomic number Z

from 20 (Ca) to 92 (U)


Range for determination of elements,%

from 0,1 to 80


Minimum time averaging measurements sec



The distance from the electronic unit to the test surface ore mm

300 +/-150


The surface area on the assay surface from a distance of 300 mm, mm, not less than



Cyclicity testing of ore on the conveyor belt, sec



Interface link electronic unit RKS with computer operator

RS-485 (изол.)


Length of communication line RS-485 interface, no more than m



Number of blocks electronic PKC connected to one control panel



Mode of operation of the station



Setup time, min max



Supply voltage of the electronic PKC, V

220 +/-20%


Power consumption of the electronic unit, kW maximum



Voltage control panel, V

220 +/-20%


Power consumption control panel kW maximum



Overall dimensions of the electron PKC in mm, not more than (width x length x height)

330х 600х232


Weight of electronic PKC, kg, not more



Dimensions and weight of the remote control

determined by the type of personal computer


Lifetime, years, not less than





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